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Sie befinden sich hier: Home. Spielregel-Änderungen ab 1. April 2017.

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Spielregel-Änderungen ab 1. April 2017

Logo International Fistball Association - IFA

Die IFA hat mit Gültigkeit ab 1. April 2017 einige Regeländerungen beschlossen. Die wesentlichste Änderung betrifft das Service.

Die offizielle Mitteilung der IFA (14.3.17):

Dear Member Federations,
we’d like to inform you about some modifications of our rules of the game valid after 1st of April 2017 which were decided by the Board of Directors in his last meeting.
Enclosed you can find the modification of the fistball rules as pdf in English and in German. The modifications are highlighted yellow. Please note, that most modifications have been tested at the last year´s IFA Fistball U18 World Championships and the IFA Fistball Women´s World Championship.
The main modification concerns the service. If a player that has lost ground contact during his serve touches the ground simultaneously with both feet (one foot in front of the service line – the other behind) after the service – this is NOT regarded as a fault. That’s why you can find a short video in the link below which explains rule 6.3: http://www.ifa-fistball.com/information.

IFA Spielregeln NEU (gültig ab 01.04.2017)

15.03.2017 08:42


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